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DVD Live at Veere This Heart of Mine
This Heart of Mine

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After writing "The princess Project" Simone hasn't been sitting still.
Recently she approached different musicians to work with her on composing music for her solo CD: Karel Boehlee, Martijn van Iterson, Arnold van Dongen, Dimitris Dimadis, and Lo van Gorp. The outcome of these cross-pollinations is a reflection of the many facets which characterizes this singer/songwriter.

The songs offer a diversity in atmospheres, which will yet be experienced as one whole. From pop-like guitar songs like "Dedication" to an interpretation of the Jobim composition "O que tinha de ser", the CD offers a wonderful musical portrait of this very talented lady.

Contrary to "The Princess Project", this CD has been recorded over a very short period of time, because Simone has had de perfectly casted musicians record their performances simultaneously, which has lead to a very intimate and honest atmosphere. These top musicians turned out to be the ideal combination for the fulfilment of her musical ideas. The CD contains 13 songs, of which only one is not her own composition.

Karel Boehlee piano and synth’s
Arnold van Dongen: acoustic guitar, electric guitar 
Peter Tiehuis: electric guitar (track 10,12&13)
Aram Kersbergen: acoustic bass
UsiŽl Pormes: electric bass
Martijn Vink: drums
Martin Verdonk:  percussion
Dimitris Dimadis: bouzouki, accordion
Sarah Koch: violin
Lorre Lynn Trytten: violin
Robert Meulendijk: viola
Bastiaan van der Werf: cello

All string-arrangements by Karel Boehlee
Produced by Karel Boehlee & Simone Pormes
Recorded at E-sound, Weesp
Mixed and mastered by UsiŽl Pormes
Co-mixed by Simone Pormes
Photography by Ron Tetteroo
Styling by VanPeet
Graphic design by Lowtone, The Hague